Youth Development

The purpose of all our youth programs is to provide a safe and fun place where the youth of our community can come after school and on days off. We seek to develop relationships with the youth that will serve to encourage them in all areas of their lives; academics, social skills and fitness in particular. We follow a BGCA program strategy of recreational education called Project Learn that fits into the five core BGCA program areas: Character & Leadership Development, Sports, Fitness & Recreation, The Arts, Health & Life Skills and Education& Career Development.

Boys & Girls Club of America Programs:

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DaVinci Club - (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) - the activities in this program are designed to supplement what our youth are learning in school in a recreational way. We seek to encourage our youth to dream big dreams and find new interests in these vital fields.

Triple Play - Focuses on three areas; Mind, Body and Soul. The Mind portion addresses teaching youth to make good choices and develop healthy habits. The Body portion addresses the physical fitness of our youth. The Soul portion addresses building social skills, including communication, cooperation, and participation.

SMART Moves - Builds decision-making skills and self-esteem that will allow youth to be better equipped to make positive choices when faced with decisions involving risky behaviors such as use of tobacco or other drugs and consumption of alcohol.

Literacy - intended to encourage our youth to improve their skills through practicing not only reading, but the skills of letter identification and sound combinations that allow us to read. It is also intended to encourage our youth to enjoy reading, independently and out loud in a group.

Club Café : Participants must be at least 8 years of age and interviewed by our Café Manager -This program is designed to encourage responsibility, teamwork and respect in a setting that also teaches job skills and the life skill of cooking. Wednesday: Food Prep 4:15 -5:00 pm; serve youth members and drop-ins 5:00 - 6:00 pm. Open to all members and Club visitors runs until May.

"Drop-In" Program

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This is the traditional model for Boys & Girls Club programming. School aged youth who have their annual membership or a day pass, may come after school and on holidays to enjoy activities and build relationships with other children as well as with caring adult staff.

Summer Fun Club

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summer fun club

This is our summer OCFS licensed program. It is full day child care that keeps kids having fun playing games, swimming, going on field trips, and much more.


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Torch Club Application

The Game — this Club is for early teens who want to take part in community service opportunities and civic engagement activities.

Reading Buddies — Teens can sign up to be paired with a younger member who needs practice with their reading skills. They will choose books to read together and literacy based games and activities to do together.

Adulting 101 — learn basics of money management; shopping skills; how to create a resume; job interview skills and more.

Masterchef Training — learn how to cook and bake recipes we choose together.

Street SMART — discussion of hot topics and current events that will encourage each other toward good decisions.

DaVinci Club — explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math with the same curiosity that Leonardo DaVinci had.

School Age Child Care Program (SACC)

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Boys & Girls Club Main Site Registration Form
Charles F. Johnson Site Registration Form
Homer Brink Site Registration Form
Maine Memorial Site Registration Form

This is an Office of Child and Family Services (OCFS) licensed child care program. We currently have four registered sites:

Main Site (at the club) - serves all Union-Endicott Elementary Schools
Homer Brink Elementary School - serves children registered at this school
Maine Memorial Elementary School - serves children registered at this school
Charles F. Johnson Elementary School - serves children registered at this school

At each of these sites the SACC program offers opportunity to do homework (with assistance if needed), have a healthy snack, play games, read, draw, color and more.

Children in this program must be members of the club and registered for this program.